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C for Cosmos Co. Ltd. strives to comply with the requirements set out in the "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance" (“PDPO”) in Hong Kong to ensure that the stored personal data is accurate and has proper storage methods. In order to protect the interests of data subjects, we only collect the personal data provided by the subjects for donations, receipts issue, service, product & marketing promotions and event registration purposes, and only uses the data described above and for the promotion of the use of such data. C for Cosmos Co. Ltd. may use your personal information (including your name, phone and email address) for future communication with us, fundraising, invitations for events or collection of opinions. If we do not obtain your consent, we will not use your personal data for any promotional purposes. You can also ask us to stop using your personal data for the above promotion at any time, free of charge. Check or update your personal information in the future, please feel free to email to if you have any questions .

C for Cosmos多瑪宇宙盡力遵守《個人資料(私隱)條例》(條例)中所列載的規定,確保儲存的個人資料準確無誤,及有妥善的儲存方法。為保障資料當事人的利益,本會只收集當事人提供的個人資料作有關捐款事宜、發收據、服務、產品及市場推廣及活動報名用途,並只依照上述所說明的用途以及為推廣使用該等資料。C for Cosmos多瑪宇宙可能運用你的個人資料(包括你的姓名、電話、及電郵地址),以便本會日後與你通訊、籌款、作活動邀請或收集意見的推廣用途。倘本會未得到你的同意之前,本會不可以使用你的個人資料作推廣之用途。你亦可以隨時要求本會停止使用你的個人資料作上述推廣之用途,費用全免。日後查閱或更新個人資料,請隨時電郵至 *

thank you for joining us! we hope to see you often!

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