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SuYiZa Travel Set Instructions:

SuYiZa 出行五寶套裝使用說明: 

Water card    水圖卡 :

Please put the card underneath your water container and let it stay for 3 minutes before consumption.


Food card    食物圖卡:

Please put the card underneath the food as food mat and continue to enjoy your food.


Light Card   光圖卡 :

Please put the light card on the window facing out or put it on top of the door or next to the bed.


Pendant  掛飾  :

One-side of the pendant is a protection shield from the “possible” side effects against/from innoculation. The other side is a protection shield of 5G EMF disturbance. Please wear it as a necklace or put it in your wallet or as a key chain.

掛飾的一面可作為「保護罩」, 像減輕接種針藥後可能出現的副作用及被已接種人士的影響。

另一面是「5G保護網」, 可減低被5G網絡覆蓋的電磁墻的干擾, 可隨身携帶、放於錢包或作鑰匙扣之用。

“Light 33” spray  「光33」 噴霧  :

“light 33” spray was made by 7 natural Essential oils and immersed in over 200 hours of Light language initiation. It can develop a protection shield from negative energy, viruses and bacteria. If your frequency is high enough, the negative energy, viruses and bacteria will not be able to retain.

「光33」 噴霧由7種全天然香薰油並聆聽超過200 小時光語而成, 方便隨時使用。它能形成保護墻免受外來負性能量和細菌影響。若身體的頻率夠高, 便不會容易被負性能量、細菌和病毒依附影響。

***<我們都是星族人>YouTube 節目亦有詳細介紹此「Su-Yi -Za 出行五寶能量套裝」(由26:18開始介紹):

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